The Struggle to be Better

      In my private account I posted a status update about what’s going on with my life. It wasn’t absolute explanation. It was just a vague update about what I’ve been planning to do with everything in life. Here however, I wanted to share it with a little bit more detail to everyone without divulging much of the personal matter.

I’m here today to post this obligatory update to those who read and follow my blog. So, I want to take the extra time to thank you for doing so. I feel that I owe it to you reader for keeping an eye on whatever I post.

Now, let me ask you this question before you carry on reading.

When you read the title, what did it mean to you?

Did you think of it as a question or as a resolution?

Whatever it did mean to you, I can only hope that it awoke something in you as you read through what I’m about to tell you.


  It feels like an impossible task. However, it can prove to be as rewarding as anyone could ever imagine. Right now, I’m currently at a point in my life where everything is turning right-upside down that often times, I feel more lost than found.

But, it doesn’t mean to say that I’m giving up on whatever I’m going through. It’s actually the opposite of it all. I may feel more LOST  but, I know that I’m going somewhere.  To give you an idea of whatever hell I’m talking about. here’s a few things you might want to know:

  • Right now, I’m taking care of my sickly Mother. No, she isn’t weak however I think she’s been trying to hang on to everything that her body is finally giving out a cry….. “I want rest.” It tells her by screaming all the sickness she’s suppressed in her for years. Both mentally and physically.
  • I’m also looking after my younger brother who has asthma. However, he is old enough to take care of himself. I simply can’t allow him not to wake up from his current state where he’d let his life wither away. He does work on it from time to time but, the efforts don’t often show. I don’t get to monitor him 24/7. I do have a LIFE still y’know.
  • I’m contemplating between my career life as an Author and Artist. There is much work that I need to do and more skills to improve on. However, I’ve been mentally absent for a long time that I simply couldn’t find a way to move forward before. But, writing woke me up from my depression and it has allowed me to carry on with what I need to do. I know it isn’t too late to turn things around.

Now that you know these few points. I can finally share to you this. The Struggle to be better isn’t a happy walk along the park. So, if you’re thinking about moving forward. All you really need is a steady resolve that you want to make it out alive.

It is a long gruelling process in which oftentimes you’ll find yourself falling off the carriage more than hopping on.  But, what makes it even more difficult is that no one really knows where to start on how to make it better. Years gone by, and I really didn’t have a clue. I tried to look for it, and I kept failing at finding what I’m good at or what I can really do. Regardless of these thoughts in motion. I never gave up on the dream that I can be a better version of myself each day. No matter how many people say the things they want to say without a careful thought on how they’ve said it.

Last Month was a welcome breakthrough.

I’ve finally found a way around where I needed. In my head, I thought about it as a prequel to the reflections I wrote about On Coffee, Smokes & Writing-Closer.

I saw a promo at the #PoundForPount gym and without hesitation, I paid for the 3 months. So far– I’ve made little progress. its Progress nonetheless.

I’m pressed for time at the moment. So, I won’t go beyond this anymore. Let me close it with a few quotes I found at the gym.

Quote one on what you deserve

Quote on what makes you strong

I hope today’s entry inspires you. Everything I want to say will not be enough to be written here however, I hope this can still be enough to inspire you to move forward my friend. Take care always and keep your head above the water.

God is there to lend you his strength, however… he is not the answer to your struggles alone.

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