A Door to Two Worlds: Thoughts on The Morose Mononokean

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(Via MyAnimeList) The Morose Mononokean (不機嫌なモノノケ庵 Fukigen na Mononokean) (Anime 2016) Manga Created By: Kiri Wazawa Studio: Pierrot+ I was curious about this anime just from the title and the promotional poster for it on Crunchyroll. Hanae Ashiya is a first-year high school student whose ideal high school life is shattered…

Fukumenkei Noise Anime Debut

Plot: Nino Arisugawa is a girl who loves singing and has an enchanting voice. She experiences two heart-wrenching partings in her childhood, one with her first love, Momo, who moves away, then after Nino befriends Yuzu, a young composer, she experiences another sad parting. Each of two boys made a childhood promise with Nino toContinue reading “Fukumenkei Noise Anime Debut”

Art Practice: On notes using Acrylic

A late post update. After a long Tuesday morning, I decided to reward myself with a couple of Art Materials before hitting the gym.  The items displayed are from #NationalBookstore and one item from a hardware store. Here are the materials I purchased as follows: Acrylic Colour Sketch Book A 14 x16 Canvas  Sherlux AllContinue reading “Art Practice: On notes using Acrylic”

Anniversary Special Post

   Officially three months and a good first week of April. I’ve collected the Posters of the events that has happened thus far for the post fit for the fifth year anniversary of this blog.      There is a ton of backlogs to write and yet, I feel the need to take my time and letContinue reading “Anniversary Special Post”