What is Kalos Kai Agathos?

I just finished researching for a meaning of a phrase I encountered a year or two before, and I just left a comment to the post. After leaving my polite response, in gratitude for the entry. I checked if the blog was still active. Unfortunately, the author is no longer updating. The last entries had been a long time ago. Yet, I still want to share this with all of you. I feel the need to share this lovely entry for it speaks so much to me. Please click through the link and read through what KALOS KAI AGATHOS means. The link is right now below where it says *source.

Once you’re done reading, I hope you get to share to me as well what it means to you. If not, then I wish that these words or phrases. No matter how foreign it may sound to you, holds your spirits up in days that you feel grim and lost. All my love, Magsi.

Source: What is Kalos Kai Agathos?

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