Tokyo tonkeki & typo hauls

Heya people!

Tonight I decided to re-route all my social networks to link them to my appropriate accounts. I think it’s basically because I wanted to regulate everything I share online. Also, probably to cover more ground. Then again, I’m not really here to talk too much about it. I’m just literally shock to see that I have over 16 drafts! So, I’ve decided that there should be at least one posted tonight. All because I don’t want to be keeping too much backlogs.

So, here’s one of my late post. This photo  collage is a collection of the incredibly tasty food that my co-author and good friend #KKenCua ordered last year at #TokyoTonkeki.

I can’t really remember the exact names of these dishes since it’s been a long time ago. Also, I’ve lost the receipt but, here’s a short review about it.

I may not remember the names of these dishes but, I can certainly remember the taste! The mango shake tasted like heaven as well. As a matter of fact, most people would not even notice the difference in preparing the perfect mango shake but, since it’s actually one of my all time favorites. Well, this I can definitely say close to perfect! Love the cherry drop touch too. If you’re a mango lover, then I suggest you take one for all of us!

On other counts, Tokyo Tonkeki definitely has a good ambiance going. The staff and their service was good and I definitely had a good time with my friend while we were there. I’m hoping that this year, I can visit again the place.

Now that the review’s done for the food stop. I’m now adding a short post about the few stuff I got from TYPO.

I’m the type of person who loves to doodle and draw. I also love everything that comes out as close to the vibrant and serene colors of teal. So! When I saw this at typo, checked out the paper and not to mention it also had a leather type feel for its cover. In my heart I just knew that I wanted to use it for the whole year as a gift to myself.

I research about the journal just now and here are a few details I’ve found out from their website.



Your favourite Buffalo Journal now comes with blank pages!
This journal includes 176 acid free blank pages for those who like the freedom of a blank slate for drawing, doodling and daydreaming.
The Buffalo also features an expandable inner pocket at the back, a ribbon page divider and elastic to secure the book shut. Protective cover made from leather-look material.
Composition: 80% Paper, 20% Polyurethane
Dimensions: 21cm x 29.7cm/ 8.26″ x 11.69″.
Price: PHP 599.00

The anatomical pouch is also from typo but, I’ve decided not to include too  much about it in this post. All I remember now is that this was one of those stuff that it’s a pretty cool design and I think  I love my stuff to have that kind of theme to match.

Well, this is as far as I can go. I hope you guys enjoyed this short post and if you liked anything or curious about it. I can always try to check it out at the TYPO shop and include it here for you. In the mean time, if you have questions or other details you want to know. Just send me a message through any of my contact list and I’ll gladly reply. Until next time! 🙂

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