Art Fair Philippines- The Review

Art Fair Philippines- The Review

 I first found out about #ArtFairPH somewhere in late 2014. Since then, I’ve been hoping to find time to visit the said fair. However, I never really got the chance to do so until this year.

It was only when I checked my Facebook account that I’ve remembered about #ArtFairPh and it just so happen to be that I was also free of any commitment. 

but before I start, I just want to say yesterday was definitely tiring. All because I had to stay up all night worrying about my dog who’s been sick for a couple of days now–So,  After running my morning errand, all I ever wanted was to crawl back home and sleep. But, my love for the arts won me over and since,  I was already around the area and I decided to push my way to the said #ArtFair.

The good news was it only took me a couple of minutes walk from where I was to The Link Car Park.  So, I got there around 1:00 pm in the afternoon. Paid the entrance fee of Php 250 and began my way up to the roof deck.

Now,  here are a few of my snapshot of artworks that managed to capture my attention:


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Now, I know that I may not be able to share as much detail regarding the artworks featured. Let alone share a thing or two trivia about the prestigious #ArtFairPhilippines. However, I have included the link on the first half of this post, and if you’re curious about the fair. Just click on the link and read through the rest of the details from their website. however, if you’re too lazy to move around the web, I’ll also include some minor details at the end of this entry.

before I close up, I just want to especially mention  Sir #MarkJustiniani’s infinity pieces. The free installation art exhibit in-front of the #AyalaMuseum was a perfect opener for my tour around the #ArtFair. It was indeed exhilarating as it was inspiring. I know I’ve said that I was barely awake and alive during my little artistic adventure but, I must say. All the artworks at the end of the day were definitely worth the show!

Check out these details if in case you’re planning to head there before the 19th! 🙂

5F / 6F / 7F / ROOFDECK


Dates & Hours

Feb 16-19, 2017
Thursday – Sunday
10 am – 9 pm



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