Goodbye, Gpicks!

It took me four years to build-up gpicks and now, I think it’s finally time to say goodbye— But before I do, let me just give you guys a bit of back story to look into. So here it goes!

I first thought about of setting it up as a personal blog about random things that I wanted to share to anyone, who would come across my private space online but then, It wasn’t until I began to write stories again.

When the opportunity came to me in 2015, I slowly found out what I wanted to do with my blogging and, I thought of other ways to improve gpicks.

At one point, I was able to collaborate with other artist, authors… and for a time it was fun, exhilarating and filled with learning but— the feeling didn’t last long enough for me to keep going with my writing. It’s just wasn’t what I wanted the world see, or the me that I wanted to find. So, here I am saying goodbye to the blog that I have nurtured to be something that I have worked hard for—

And for the first time, I think it’s Okay.

It is alright to let go of things that don’t work.

There were a lot of sad things that had been happening recently (which I may no longer share further from here–) that were inevitable— and because they were, I just had to make the decision if I still wanted to keep writing about books, about other people, or follow a certain scripted pattern where people would expect the contents of my blog would be.

        I mean, I could try the consistency thing but, as far as I am concerned. I don’t think I’ll ever be capable of doing something consistent enough that involves people who simply-don’t matter to me at all.

So, I’m saying goodbye to gpicks that blogs about everybody else but— myselft and the people I love.

P.S To all of our followers, do not worry. I’ll explain further on my next roll-out post on what will happen next.

So here’s a little quote from #TheIdealist for you. I feel that this seems to fit the mood, don’t you think so?


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