Android App Review: Kabedon ~Never Wanna Let You Go~

Hey Guys! Since, I haven’t been able to type my latest post yet. Please do check out this game review from #SimplyShoujo! 🙂

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Shoujo's Japanophile adventures

Hi readers! I’m really sorry for being inactive lately. Life problems keep on piling up and I’m currently stuck on looking for a new job and other things – yeah, including Pokemon Go. What team? Team Instinct *dabs*  (Edit: I got a job already but still no money for attending conventions… OTL)

Anyways, I’m back for another segment of my recommended app games in Google play. I had two to three pending game reviews but it will be written in due time. If you’re wondering if I’ll post a game review about Pokemon Go…No, I won’t post a review due to massive hype and reviews online.*coughs* I’ll cut to the chase and start introducing the game.

This Japanese translated android app game is focused on one word: Kabedon. To those who are wondering, Kabedon is one of the most common scenario in Manga and Anime wherein a guy corners a…

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