My Holiday Pet Pageant Experience




Hi Guys!

A little break from all the books, food and movies. Today I’m going to share something from my personal life. Don’t worry, it won’t be long.  *winks* Alright, here goes nothing!

Last December 3 at the Alabang Town Center, My good friend Maita ( Who happens to be my co-author and publisher for #Talecraft) invited us to participate at their event. My family and I were really excited to bring our little furry baby to the show because we’ve never been to one before.

Surprisingly, even though the weather wasn’t as favorable as we expected it to be–

All the mini games, booths and the actual event itself was definitely worth the wait. The prizes and giveaways were really cool too and Baby Moon for Pets has a whole lot of amazing designs that we’ll make sure to check out sometime again soon. ^_^

Now, if you want to check out more photos from the event. I think you can go ahead and check Baby Moon’s official website for more details or if you want to purchase some items from there, you can also visit their facebook page. Just click on the fb link and enjoy checking out their products.

Thanks and Happy December to all of you! (^_^/






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