December Updates

Hi Guys!

Sorry been out for a long while— My Health had not been good for me this year. I mean, September and October has really been a whole lot challenging, so I’ve been re-cooperating a whole lot but, I think that’s enough about my personal stuff. Let me just get on with what I want to update you guys about.

First things up on the list:

My recent updates these past couple of months since September till early November 2016.

  1. Gpicks will no longer be coordinating with Unlimited Grub Grabs from this day forward. Although, we may team-up from time to time (but, this is because we’re actually around the same writing community here in the Philippines.) No worries thou, we are in perfectly good terms.
  2. I have participated for the #LSGH-Talk for Young Writers during their Literature Week.
  3. I have teamed up with Ms. Maita Rue (from Talecraft) in manning the booth for the Johnson & Johnson’s bazaar. Selling and promoting indie author’s books as well—
  4. After the two day bazaar, I have then volunteered to help manning the booth at the #LSGH-Book fair. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the week last week due to health concerns as well.
  5. This Saturday, November 26, 2016 at 6 pm in BGC- FullyBooked Taguig. Talecraft’s second and third Anthology for both Myths and Legends and Horror will be released. Please do come if you read this in advance and you have the chance to check us out!


Now that the latest updates have been said, how about a few recaps on what we’ve been able to accomplish for this year 2016.


  1. I have been officially invited to write for My Trending Stories, and while I have not been able to post as much updates just yet, I am pleased to let you know that I will be doing my best to further write more feature stories and whatnot next year.
  2. Gpicks and together with #HeistClub were able to formally launch their books to the Filipino Reading community on both Physical and ebook copies. (Yey!)
  3. The other of Gpicks (which is me—Magsi Rover by the way) was able to successfully write for #Talecraft’s anthology 1.)

anyhow,  I will try to post more soon.


Thanks guys!

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