There’s a new Art shop in Makati and it’s located at Greenbelt 5– The Craft Central is your neighborhood specialty retailer, bringing you hard-to-find arts and craft supplies. To celebrate their opening. Here’s their weekend treat for everyone who will drop by at their shop. If you visit this October 1st, you might get a chanceContinue reading “THE CRAFT CENTRAL OPENING FESTIVITIES!”

Feelings For Sale: #romanceclass at #MIBF2016

Pressing to share this feature article by Author #RacquelCastro abou the up coming #MIBF (Manila International Book Fair 2016). I’ve been pressed for time but I am hoping that by re-sharing this post. It can serve as my support for the #RomanceClass Community and the #Authors as a way to promote their #Stories. Hope you guysContinue reading “Feelings For Sale: #romanceclass at #MIBF2016”

On Mutual Grounds: Respect

Life isn’t fair. A phrase we often read, hear and far often given as unsolicited advice from random people whom to claim to understand what is fair and not. Frankly, I don’t encourage the phrase as an advice at all. My reasons would be is that because life is complex to grasp in many waysContinue reading “On Mutual Grounds: Respect”