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Recently, I have received private messages from various people asking:

“How do you blog?” or “How can I blog?”

At first, I was merely responding to these messages because I simply felt like helping them start their way on blogging however, as time passed by and the messages increased. I figured, it is time to post an actual article about it.

Here are the few topics that I’ll be discussing from this post.

I. What is a blog?
II. What are the different types of blogs?
III. What topics to write about your blog?
IV. On Why we blog.

Now, Gpicks may slowly be increasing more content as the months pass by (ever-since our site make-over) I really am still a newbie at all of this but it has always been a welcome journey. Now, I found a good article written by Kenneth Byrd from the site source about blog basics and I read through the post and learned more than I already know about. I think it really pays to research more on what you do.

So here are a few points I have found and would like to share to you guys.

I. What is a blog?

    ” A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a blog is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.”

If you would like to read on further about it simply click on the link that I’ve provided and you’ll be able to read more about the article.

Now that you know the basic definition of what a blog is I would like to share the quick TERMINOLOGY basics that also come from the article I posted to help you understand further before I carry on with the rest of this post.

Blog (noun) – a journal or diary that is on the Internet.
Blogger (noun) – a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing the way news is shared.
Blog (verb) – to write a blog – I am going to blog before breakfast this morning.
Blogging (verb) – the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my way of sharing my passions with the world.

II. What are the different types of blogs?
It feels all too formal so let’s get out of the box a little shall we?  I like it when my post feels like we’re actually talking to my readers. So here are the top five filtered list that we’ve selected.

Here are the top 5 on my list:

1. Personal – These are the type of blogs that you share almost anything in random. Like an online journal that specifically falls into something general that you would like to share to people e.g photography, ramblings and insights about the world. This is usually best when you haven’t decided on a specific topic that you would like to focus on.
2. Business – Everything related to product reviews. Often times people who do business blogs are those who are selling their personal products or may also be promoting their favorite brands.
3. Non-profits(charities, fan base and the likes): When you support a movement at one point and you just want to help them either grow or catch more attention towards their network. Setting a trend or winning a contest.
4. Political – This is a tricky and yet, insightful type of blog. It does not work well if you’re not armed with the knowledge to share you’re opinions.

Often times it could get very messy when you state facts that were not technically true. This is why we leave the reporting to journalist people. In general, everyone in the media industry that has a better and broader understanding.

5. LifeStyle & Hobby : This is a perfect platform that combines both Personal, Business and non-profit. Often times the people you see who do these are Youtubers with their walk-through games, product reviews and simply sharing it to others. Photoshoots of their cosplay and the likes.
III. What topics to write about your blog?
Now you know the types of blogs are. I think this wouldn’t be that hard from this point because when you know what type of blog you plan or wish to construct. I think it would be easy to think about what you would like to write about.

IV. On Why we blog.
Well, I can’t really answer the question for everyone. So, I’ll answer with my own reason in hopes that it serves a purpose in guiding you on what you would like to do when you start blogging. I first began writing online around 2005 for the following reasons:

1. venting out my opinions about society
2. my pent up anger (orz’ under a pen-name)
3. support my favorite artist/anime/fashion/product/groups in general.

However, years passed and the plat forms had changed. I began to realize that my writing online had become a journey and in time it slowly became a part of my life. Right now, I’m still learning and truly it has been an amazing experience. I may not be able to explain it right now here in this post but don’t fret. I’ll be writing a separate post about it just for you.
So watch out for My Journey through the Cyber-World followed by the pro’s and con’s of being online.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you found this useful.
please do leave a comment down below and if you like what I write you can follow more updates through my social media accounts.

Stay Awesome & keep fighting!

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