Lost at twenties: A July Bullet Advice

How are you today?

Are you still keeping up with yourself?

Life may be complicated when we think too much about it. So when you can….

try to breathe a little.

here’s a song that you might like so am sharing this today with you.

Welcome to Gpicks my friend and as a way to build up a little piece of myself with you. I’ve decided to share a little of my struggles and how I’m doing my best to keep up with my sanity and the craziness of this world.

My short post for today will be about feeling lost in your late twenties.

Well seriously, I don’t have all the answers but my hope is that should you feel the same way as I am feeling. Perhaps, one way or the other it could make you feel less alone like I did a couple of years ago. I’ll be making it into a bullet format. Just a few steps I’ve learned and will still keep on learning from time to time.

  • When Family fails to feed your passions simply because they don’t fit into their ideals. Find some time to Travel to share your goals and aspirations with people that may see the world the same way as you do.
  • Trust is a foundation you build and not something you are to expect of people. If you want it, earn it and if you want to deserve it don’t expect it to be returned. (I know it doesn’t make sense right now) but one way or another, it will make sense to you at one point.
  • LOVE and Relationships  can be complicated only when it isn’t mutual. Nothing is easy and we can’t demand it either. So, we have to make sure that we are on the same page with everyone that we care about and by everyone (does not mean the world) just those who matter to you now.
  • PROBLEMS are CHALLENGES with a SOLUTION but you have to remember that solutions aren’t always the best course of action. Some of these are more like compromise depending on the situation that you have in life.
  • TIME will never be enough so like a good friend of mine has shared to me. MAKE TIME and this is something I realized as she shared these to me. We should never expect time to wait  because our lives in minutes,hours  are counted and by the time we realize it, a decade has already gone by. We will lose to ourselves when we hope for time to wait for us.
  • LIFE lastly, it is both sweet and bitter. We will always go into that pit fall of despair but we can bank on the best times of our lives to carry us on. Aspire to Live and not give up on life for the sake of those who do their best to stay with you (whether you know it or not).

Hope these will help you for the day. Take care and enjoy the soundtrack!


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