Basic Web Design: A WordPress Journey

It took me a while before I was able to get a hang with WordPress. The first time I started with the idea of customization was way back in 2013 and from that point, I decided to learn my way around it.

Here’s a short preview of my journey through design and customization. These are the designs I was able to compile while using the free domain that was provided by, admittedly there had been many changes from the site and it wasn’t always easy to keep up at all. Although web design is indeed one of my hobbies and part of my portfolio in general, I am not an expert on the technical side – yet but, I do have plans on leveling up further.


from left to right: ( Shoujo’s Blog, K.Ken Cua and then Gpicks)

On lay-out theme recommendation(FREE from wordpress): THE SELA THEME

is indeed very flexible when it comes to a much formal and distinct approach. Simple and easy to navigate through columns, widgets and the likes. I love using this even with the paid domain because it allows you to design the website easily without any further hassle. If you’d like to take a look at how I’ve used this theme in full you can check out the three photo images or the links that I have provided directly for these blogs through the thumb nails right above this short article.


On Site Detail Design with Shoujo’s Blog

Logo/Header-Banner: I’m not sure at the moment if this is going to be the permanent design but, I did teach the blog-owner a thing or two about how to manage her blog site. It wasn’t that complicated and I didn’t really make too much changes except with a little tweak from the tabs and background. Regardless of detail, I’m pleased to share this with everyone. Not only the site looks neat, I simply love the fact that I got the chance to share the basics on how not to overload the site with too much graphic image and the rule of making it simple and pleasing to site viewers.  Other than that, I leave the rest of the customization with the owner.

Trvia: Since my laptop does not allow me to use photoshop, I’m glad that canva was a good place to create design temporary logos, banners, headers and the likes. I’m recommending this to anyone who would like to discover their inner creativity or simply want to be able to create a presentable images for their website or blog.


On Site Detail Design with  K.Ken Cua:

Logo: Originally designed by K.Ken Cua herself.

Header-Banner: A disclaimer, image found through google. Credits to the rightful artist, if in case this is copyrighted. Any details to share we would be grateful to state a credit or remove immediately.

On Site Detail Design: A work on progress but still proud to show case the minimalist approach for the site. It still stays true to the identity of the person who owns it. I’ll keep you guys posted for changes and reviews in the future.


On Site Detail Design with  Gpicks:

Logo: Concept originally made by Giselle Bacalla and designed by kimi’s Artspace

Header-Banner:  The gif. banner is a product of Photoscape. Images are from the events and people we co-sponsored.

On Site Detail Design:  Also still a work in progress and yet, I am pleased to let everyone know that so far so good. It looks like I’ve finally found what I want my blog site to look like. Temporarily, these will be the set-up and at lay-out presentation. Simple, direct and easy on the eyes. It took a lot of trial and error but, it was indeed worth it.Stay tuned for more updates with me.


On Site Detail Design with  Unlimited Grub Grabs:

Logo: Concept originally made by Giselle Bacalla and designed by kimi’s Artspace

Origin: The concept of the logo was designed based from the preferences of the website owner. The site mainly contains the misadventures of Mark Manalang and his passion for food blogging. The City within the plate was added as a concept for the flexibility of the website where occasionally he writes about his novels, sponsored events and the likes.

On Site Detail Design:  A completed work design but may still undergo upgrades and renovations from time to time depending on the preferences of the site owner.

On notes of improvement. Please don’t hesitate to share and let me know what you guys think, and before I close this article, a gentle reminder to all: Article contents from the following websites belong to the authors of these sites. Feedback’s and inquiry please refer to the links provided.

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    Thank you so much to Magsi Rover of G-picks for teaching me the basics of WordPress blog design 101 (including the introduction of Canva). I really love the new design of my blog and the backgroudn (credits to the artist) as a tribute to the new series of Cardcaptor Sakura.

    Check out Magsi Rover’s blog, G-picks, for the best pick always 😀

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