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Writing updates and posting it online might have been slow for us but, surprisingly despite the gloomy weather and slow internet connection within the Philippines, one particular author and friend never fails to amaze us here from Gpicks. Today, we would like to share an inspiring feature of  Racquel Sarah A. Castro  one of the authors from the #HeistClub-The Launch with her latest novel Chasing an ATM Schemer (The Fraud Hunter Book 1).

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Gpicks: How was your experience writing Crime Fiction?

RacquelSarahCastro: It is not simple writing crime. You have to research a lot but I enjoyed each moment of it. I enjoyed the fast paced story telling because it is my forte. But half of the class was spent researching for a good material that could support my story. It was fun and challenging at the same time because the story should have authenticity.

Gpicks: What was the most challenging part that you experienced during your process of writing crime fiction?

RacquelSarahCastro: The most challenging part would be molding the ruthless antagonist, Teri Francisco. It was hard because my goal was a good back story for the villain. It has too many coincidences I guess but it was part of Teri’s story. This was to establish why she hated Gabe and why did she do the crime, ATM Scheming for a long time. The coincidences were part of the story.

Gpicks: I believe this is a book series. Any juicy bits that you’d want to share to your readers as they wait for the next part of the story?

RacquelSarahCastro: Book 2 will be about romance scamming. It is rampant because anyone can be a victim. One juicy bits that I can share for now is that the next story will be set in Japan for a time. Additional information is the first lover’s quarrel of Gabe and Carrie.

Gpicks: To young aspiring writers, what would be your message to them?


RacquelSarahCastro: Never ever doubt yourself. Trust God because He has plans for you. And Keep writing.

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    Gabe Jacinto is assigned to capture a lady ATM Schemer, Teri Francisco. When Teri heard that he was dating the beautiful Carrie Rios, she plots on using her to trap the fraud hunter. Will Gabe risk his life and money to save Carrie even though he knows her true identity?

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Quote of the day:

The Greatest Heist that a person can ever commit in life is by conquering their own mind and controlling themselves in a manner that gears up towards productivity”.  – Gpicks

 Racquel Sarah A. Castro is living with living with Cerebral Palsy but this did not stop her from graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in AMA Computer College-Binan Campus. She is a wonderful source of inspiration to everyone who aspires to achieve their dreams in life.

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