On notes to life: July Blessings

So much updates and there is very little time to squeeze it all in. I guess the only problem would be where to start?

I think a proper greeting should always be warranted. This me making sure that all of my readers get to understand what I’m exactly yapping about. ( haha! So, really. Thank you in advance) Now…

If you’ve been following me for more than a year then some of you may have already seen the evolution and changes that took place here at Gpicks. I am glad that despite our short comings ( or mainly my own) you guys still stayed and supported my contents in writing up till today.

I know it really is still far from perfect but, hey! We are making progress.  Allow me to show you guys a bullet form of our 2015-2016 blessings to keep you all up to date.


  • Recently, I have been offered the privilege to blog and write for My Trending Stories but, don’t worry. Although I will be posting some of my content with them- it doesn’t mean to say that you’ll be reading the same thing. I’ll do my best to find variety of news, stories, poems and the likes to share with all of you.


  • We have been successfully able to help #HeistClub Philippine Authors launch their event with flying colors from Promotions, Set-Design, Photography and the likes. We are hoping for their success and will be backing them up from the dark alley shadows of the internet world (kidding! on the dark alley part. Maybe not that dark but definitely backing them up).


  • Also, notice that from time to time I would refer to Gpicks in third person because of our first few video announcements to all of you where you would find me together with my group of friends and random interviews with them. We are slowly building a little team, who are willing to share their thoughts, finds and inspirations but are unable to maintain a decent working blog. (No,they don’t really get paid but we are all game to work out way up to wherever just because we like and were all having fun doing it.)

Well, that sums up my July updates. Hoping to get to back to writing my stories, poems and other things. Please keep on supporting me and my wonderful friends through the writing and the arts community.

best regards and with all my love,


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