#HeistClub – The Launch: A Reflection

This would be the first time that I would be blogging about my passion for events management. Somehow it feels surreal to even do talk about this, since I’ve always enjoyed working behind the shadows and savoring the moment instead of sharing to everyone in a form of a written story online.

but then, since I’ve started writing again. I figured this would be the best time to share what I had experienced.

The Proposal, Planning and The Launch

HeistClub- The launch was prepared by a group of five unique individuals. Four of them were authors from heistclub themselves. Honestly, I found it admirable to think about their dedication to send off their lovely crime fiction stories that I couldn’t help but just express my full support as a friend, a reader and author myself.

Since I’ve experienced coordinating and managing events before, I figured the best way to help them was to incorporate all of their ideas and make it into one big proposal.
So what was the proposed Book Launch?

It was to make a thematic approach for the guest to feel of crime fiction around them.
A grand #Heist like theme and admittedly, it was a welcome challenge that the thought of the launch simply made me ecstatic of what we could achieve as a team despite working remotely online.

Oops! Did I just say we were all planning this remotely?
YES. It’s exactly what happened. We were all working separately and only met up a couple of times until the actual launch. Cool huh?


Here are awesome 7 fast facts about the Launch!

1. #HeistClub was remotely managed, organized and prepared separately by all four authors.
2.  Almost everyone from the production team were volunteers ( so yes, oh joy! it was to feel that there are many people willing to support #CrimeFiction #FilipinoAuthors)
3. Some of the designs from the event were on the spot last-minute changes.
4.  There was #FreeCoffee for all Authors and Production but, because we were caught within the moment of presentation and mixed feeling. The need for coffee suddenly disappeared for a few good hours from all of us.
5.  There were about 70-80+ guest during the event. Some of them came only to buy the books and leave while others roamed around until the event was done, and then went back to get their books signed! (talk about dedicated fans!)
6. Some of the authors were #Romance Authors! (now, I can really say this. Love is indeed a Crime when a heart is broken. Hahaha!)
7. At the last leg of the event, there was unexpected game of luck and chances.

I swear it felt like wheel of fortune during the mini games and prizes. There were suddenly three teams from our audience. Here were the teams that were made by accident.
⦁ Team Labas (Guest that were waiting outside or stood at the hall way since the program area was a full house)
⦁ Team Kaliwa (Guest fromt the Left side of the audience)
⦁ Team Kanan (Guest from the Right side of the audience)
Honestly, if I remember correctly, Team Kanan was the luckiest side of all! Talk about bagging almost all the prizes from the event aside from the take home freebies? Now that was a shocking #Heist. One man’s luck was indeed infectious that night. I just wish I’d won too. (kidding!)


Well, there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed these little reflections.

All I can say now is that, since #HeistClub has already announced all of our heartfelt thanks.
for more #HeistClub reflections you might want to check out the link below for our complid write-ups.
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if you’re curious about the photos and videos of the event. Click here!

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