Musings of the Undervalued

Ever wondered how government employees feel? well, not really just them but to everyone who serves anyone in particular in honor of true Customer Service. Read through K.Ken Cua’s musings and who knows, you might find yourself saying the same thing. Cheers and enjoy! p.s don’t forget to leave a like or share it toContinue reading “Musings of the Undervalued”

Saturday Treats: ‪#‎FeelsRushIn‬ Event

The third and final post of the day! I’ve reached my 100th post and this one will be part of the bonus. So! technically that makes it 101, right? (*laughs*) okay! Enough with that, before I make my weekend escape. Allow me to share this event that will happen tomorrow as a little treat toContinue reading “Saturday Treats: ‪#‎FeelsRushIn‬ Event”

Writing and Staying True

Hi, if you’re reading this right now then you might be one of the few people waiting for my stand alone release of my novel Velvet Valentine in Mirrored Hearts. I’m not yet ready to reveal anything further than the snippets you’ve read from the #JustWritePH-for Love bundle (but if you’re one of the lucky winners ofContinue reading “Writing and Staying True”

Basic Web Design: A WordPress Journey

It took me a while before I was able to get a hang with WordPress. The first time I started with the idea of customization was way back in 2013 and from that point, I decided to learn my way around it. Here’s a short preview of my journey through design and customization. These areContinue reading “Basic Web Design: A WordPress Journey”