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A #Strangelit-Killer Seasons feature Story


All werewolf Rafe Redmoon really wanted was to cook real food not host reality food shows. Thirteen seasons in Resto Rescue has made him cranky and moody. Resto Rescue is a food reality show where Rafe uses his supernatural skills to ascertain what was wrong with the food and remodel the restaurant as a whole. His boss/alpha/aunt Vivian made him a deal. Make a killer season thirteen ender and she will personally fund the dream restaurant Rafe wanted. Easy, right?
Season thirteen doesn’t go as planned when the restaurant in question was not a disaster. Food was good and the décor was quirky but it worked. So, why were things not going according to the scripts? For one, owner/cook Daria is averse to change. The little hottie was not the one who called for a restaurant make-over. But Rafe is very drawn to her. His aunt threatened to fillet him if this episode fails. Then, more trouble arises when a pack of gremlins wreak havoc in the kitchen. It seems everyone is conspiring for Rafe to fail.
Will the werewolf reality show host make a killer season thirteen ender or will season thirteen end him?

aside from the short blurb introductions here’s more from our exclusive interview.

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The Q & A

Gpicks: What type of stories do you write about?
Maita Rue:  Of my novella and novelettes published, most of them are Victorian. This was the first paranormal with the contemporary setting I wrote.
Gpicks: What inspired you to write this story?

Maita Rue: Too much nights watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. I really needed a push to write something new and this just jumped out of my imagination. Imagine, a werewolf who was like Gordon Ramsay. He’d have the perfect nose for the job but unfortunately, hosting and cooking is very different and that is the point of conflict in his life.
Gpicks:If you could live in this story that you wrote, would you want to be involved in it?
Maita Rue: Very much! My mom is a chef and the cooking style my heroine has is quite like hers. If I lived in that world, my point of view will be of Lizzy’s. That or be one of the barrio people eating in the Herb shop cum café.
Gpicks: Any bits and teasers you might want to share?
Maita Rue: Although my story in Killer Seasons is paranormal, it is light and full of food. Make sure you have room for dessert.
Gpicks: A message to young aspiring storytellers in the future?
Maita Rue: Any writer will tell you to keep writing. I’ll tell young storytellers to word vomit. With some word vomit, you can put them in a processor and work on something with it in the future.


Gpicks: An overcast of your writing plans for the rest of 2016. Do you have any other upcoming novels or stories you would like to pre-announce?
If not, how about events?

Maita Rue:  

Future plans: Publishing new stories with the ff publishing houses:
Talecraft Publishing (August 2016)
Komikasi Sachet Novels (July 2016)

and if you wish to know more updates, we’ve included this just for you!
Twitter: @maita_rue
Instagram: BabymoonMaita

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