Summer 2016: BOHOL FEATURE

So much delay due to a jam-packed schedule and along side it is a massive amount of TO DO LIST. Now, I know that some of you are lurking around for my blog updates and whatnot but as I’ve said before I am a wandering writer  that might be the favorite of unfortunate events. However, this year despite it all– I think I may have found a way to getaway from the city at the very least.

Although, I did originally go because I wanted to capture a good video for a co-author of mine for her Book Teaser trailer. Then again, since I was already at the beach, might as well have fun right?

So, here is a short post about my Bohol Philippines getaway for this summer.

oh how to get there from Cebu City.

at Pier 4 an entrance fee of Php 35.00 for Adults and Php 500.00

for the Ocean Jet ferry that will take you to Bohol.


The ride will take you three hours but, the ferry will offer food carts to buy and as well as good movies to watch if ever you feel bored. Some people would prefer to snore the ride away until they reach the Port side.

Now for the Hotel Feature. Since I was tagging along with a relative (whom I would prefer to not mention– not like it would be a big deal but, I think it would be better if it was private.)

The place I stayed for two nights and one day was the Henann Resort at Alona Beach Bohol.


The place was divine and definitely a great choice for those who would like to experience great accommodations. The resort has been up and running since early 2011 but closed down for renovations and now re-opened to the Henann Resort you now see now through these photos.

There are a variety of choices where you can chill and enjoy the summer heat away.








Although it could be a bit pricey for others, your stay would definitely worth it.

so if you’re looking for good places to chill out this summer, this Resort might be just one of those places you’d like to check out and visit. In the mean time, here’s a short video edit I made to get into the vibe.

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