Photography by: JB CARLOS

Set Design by: Giselle Bacalla

Model: Ria Pangilinan


Crazy how this became the topic on the 13th day of writing. I know I shared to most of you here that I had not really read the whole entire 365 days prompt, since I decided to take it one day at a time. So, here I am in utter disbelief and surprise that the prompt had led me to write about a poem, about a letter—from my personal private stash.

And at this very moment, as I write down what I have in mind. My heart feels like it would burst out of my chest, and if not permitted to do so, then it has slowly found a way to climb up to my throat. Yes—the feeling of wanting to scream while all of me takes in the confusion. I do apologize if it seems like mindless rambling, but then what is more confusing than a woman who has fallen deeper into love.

And so, please allow me to share a short snippet trivia on why exactly I feel this way.

The #13 has a very deep significance in my life. It was my section from my first year of high school.

BB 13 SAN CARLOS CITY (if I remember it correctly) and it was from that time, everything in my life began to change. The dull colored life I used to live on my own began to take in colors like the rainbow after every storm, and aside from meeting two of the best girls I could ever imagine or hope for, I also met the boy—now a man who became the biggest part of my life. Although, sadly. I cannot tell you a happy story about the ending we had from our journey, yet I can proudly say that while others thought about the number 13 (famously known for a variety of symbols concerning bad luck and whatnot) to me, it will always be the number of blessings—because it was a Friday, on the 13th of not long ago was the very first time I answered yes to that one special person in my life.

So, enough of this incredibly long and nostalgic nonsense and without further ado, here is the 13th day prompt!



DAY 13

The Letter Poem: Write a poem using words from a famous letter or a letter from your own collection.

Tick tock Tick Tock…

I write beneath the stars,

Closing my eyes, and breathing through the coldness of the night

Passing by one-two-three stone pavements at a time.

I imagined the contours of your face,

Your eyes that sparkled,

Through your gold framed glasses that caught

The world by surprise.

I smiled savoring the moment,

As I walked down through memory lane,

My heart skips every beat,

Each TIME I remember your name,

An echo of phrases flashes through my mind…

Responsibility before leisure,

You told me these in one of your letters.

I grasp at the thought,

Marveled at how you wrote your words.

If only then you knew,

How much it took me to pretend,

To not give a care in the world.

I had to if I wanted to stay,

I needed to if I wanted to be okay.

Not one moment in every glance,

I have forgotten you.

Forever and always, truly and madly…

All words that can only be there for you only.

Although hurt, I took it by chance,

It was never easy, but I wanted to be happy.

I wanted to stay where it was you and me.

All else seemed empty.

Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Louder it began to echo…

The clock showed no mercy,

For you and you only.

I wandered further, to keep you from watching me wither away.

I found myself weeping through my eyes that could not cry,

I wondered if I was still alive,

Nothing made any sense,

Yet, our memories kept me living.



You, among people who barely knew who I was,

What I had slowly become,

Wished nothing more but the best,

Nothing more but love beyond compared,

And right there,

Passionately I hoped.

Bluntly I hold.


If only,

TIME could spare us both.

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