365 writing challenge day 12

12. Greeting: Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello”.

Hello– silence said quietly.

I spoke to him secretly,

When suddenly the wind screamed

Everyone I held dear trembles in fear,

The wind howled screams,

Everyone I held dear trembles in fear,

Rustling sounds, deafening noise

My throat felt dry, nothing to quench thirst

I closed my eyes, and held my toys

I wondered, prayed and shivered

Cold and weak, my heart pounded loudly

I knew nothing of hope and yet,

Knew all too well, as the clock ticks

And each one fall to the ground

The loud thudding noise,

Door slammed open, I was found

I gazed into the eyes, a figure came into light

I did not know hope yet, I knew…

Soon I would be gone…

For death had said, pick-a-boo!


Published by Magsi Rover

Magsi Rover is the odd-ball who aspires to write, sketch and travel the world.

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