Dealing with people and you day 7

A 365 day challenge off-topic entry.

(Don’t worry folks, I will still be writing through the prompt but– something happened and I just needed to vent it out here instead of spontaneously combusting without any control).

Now… What is this about?
It’s pretty simple really. Just one word to sum up the topic.

Majority of people nowadays don’t seem to know the value of respect.
(I for one, from time to time also is not able to completely practice good manners) however, when able. I do my best to be courteous enough and polite enough for the sake of respect to everyone I admire and see fit to be respected.

I was raised in an environment that values this very much.

Honestly, it just surprises me to see, hear and experience people without a modicum of respect nor restrain for their own.

Now, not everyone has the same belief nor everyone else around has that same exact understanding. However, we should always remember that friendship and love may be different from one another and yet, still be alike. What is it?
The word Respect.

Why am I saying this? Well, because this is a personal post.
I met someone last year. The person was already showing signs of tactlessness yet, I gave a chance because we were in a group together.
Now, it is rare for me to be open to people and willingly accompany them or even meet them at any point, but I do know that we are free to choose whom we want to be around with.
An act of kindness (to me) gives you a privilege to be respected BUT if you break that time and again. I cannot guarantee that I will stay as a friend or acquaintance.
The only reason I stay is because perhaps the people around me had asked me to give patience ( and I comply) however, I am only human. I wanted to keep quiet instead of plainly making things awkward.

However, driven to a wall where you cannot absolutely say anything because it might or will complicate things for others is something that I cannot do.

It is against my nature (and to plainly place words) I find it childish and imprudent to try and ask for respect.

I guess, the person did not feel I was a respectable person and so had the idea of literally belittling me. Consciously or unconsciously it does not matter.

The main reason is — enough to send me waltzing out the door.

So, thank you my friend for reading this personal entry and I do hope that if you had found yourself in a similar position as me.

Here’s a little advice I found from the movie Kingsmen.


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