365 Writing challenge day 6


Hello, I would like to apologize first hand that this post may appear informal. My laptop had some issues and so, I am now using my android phone to carry on with my daily entry for the time being.

Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time

Eyes gazing deep into my soul
A world of admiration engulfs me
A familiar scent from the wind
My heart halts for a moment

Every second of that minute I remember
To you who gently tapped my shoulders
Asking questions that I could not answer
Caught in surprise as my eyes fell for you

Gold framed glasses, I gaze back willingly
Shaking, faltering, wavering
Did I just fall?

I asked myself…
I said No…
It was impossible…

I said I can’t.
He said hello.

His eyes sparkled and I knew he felt it too
No words needed to convey
Time made it possible
We both felt it and struggled

Eyes that met, our souls that spoke
No words said. Just hello.

Published by Magsi Rover

Magsi Rover is the odd-ball who aspires to write, sketch and travel the world.

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