What’s for breakfast? Dinner? Lunch? Or maybe you could write a poem about that time you met a friend at a cafe.

I don’t really eat three times a day, and it does not mean that I do not like to eat but, I’ve always been on my own whenever I eat, and honestly I could care any less about eating three times a day at home. I prefer eating in unconventional time of day, and while others may see it as unhealthy, I guess the reason would always be routing me back to how my family valued time and food.

I do, occasionally enjoy eating with good company and only then everything I eat made sense. I don’t know if I’m following the rules of this prompt properly but, I feel like I could make a short entry and include a short poem or prose.

Yesterday, I thought of nothing

about how the clouds look like cotton candy

and the rays of the sun colored the sky &

even how the Sun sets to sleep.

I thought  about everything and then I said to myself–

how wonderful it must be to gaze into the stars without worry.

My stomach grumbles and the dumpling I held on my lap

looked sad and soggy.

I imagined a shadow of you, approaching and sat beside me.

we talked beneath the stars about our dreams that night.

 everything made sense, and suddenly the food tasted like no other..

that dumpling that was nothing more sweeter than anything I’ve tasted ever before…

The Dumpling and you, what a wonderful thought…

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