Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?

I almost missed the day. There were moments of unpredictable chaos that came in waltzing into my life, and I don’t think there would be anything for me to write about dancing at all. There is no one tapping their shoes around me because of a beautiful tune, but more about anger. The kind of tap that we hear when someone is frustrated or annoyed waiting.

In my case. I was not waiting at all– it was more of a dance of patience (on when I should be running out of the exit) while I watch my Family quarrel their way out to understanding.
In the end, I had to take a step in.

I don’t feel like re-telling any stories. I guess what matters most as of the moment is to write something about how the sentence relates to me today.
So, here I am– a writer and author of my life. Sharing the world what it feels like to be caught in the middle of an endless loop.

Maybe someday, I’ll be able to share exactly how everything goes from the moon and back.


On the other hand, this reminded me of a story that my good friend

Mark Manalang  wrote on wattpad entitled: Odoriko


After nearly losing his legs in an accident, a traumatic experience worsened by the discovery of his girlfriend's betrayal, Ben Garcia found solace in dancing to help his rehabilitation. 

Reeling from a devastating defeat and her break-up with the dance partner she deeply admired, Elena Rosales re-learned ballroom dancing on her own to prove her worth as a true dancer and win back his affections. 

In a twist of fate, they are paired together to compete in a contest - with barely a few months to prepare - by performing the mysterious Spanish dance of flamenco.  

The fiery beat of the guitar and the lights of the dance floor may revitalize Ben's body, and awaken passions deeply hidden within Elena. But can the raw, unbridled power of flamenco heal the greatest injury of all - their broken hearts?

("Odoriko" is the second part of Tenkouken's novel series, "The Promise at Tanabata".)

If you happen to like the synopsis of the story or was just plain curious.
Just click on the link and read away because sharing important things that matter always cheers me up anyway.


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