3. The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.

      At 7:25 in the morning, the first thing I do was to grab my phone and open my laptop. I knew I was planning to write something for today and follow the challenge diligently. Listening to songs from ALEXANDROS (the current japanese band that I’ve been listening to) while taking a few minutes to chat with a long time friend of mine who’s now in America.

Halfway across the world, she tells me that at the moment, her family were on the road to a family friend.  I said to her “take care and talk to you later” and just like that our conversation ended.

I guess I won’t go into further details what we talked about, but I had the thoughts of travel in my mind.

There was someone special that I wanted to see badly in person and talk to. Unfortunately, I can’t just approach that person without any regard, unlike back in high school. And so, I leave myself into my own world and imagine the what if I had everything under my power to get where I need to.

I thought about taking a plane ticket directly to Canada, and just like that a friend of mine would pick me up from the airport and we would take in a chopper to where he would be, and from that point (I knew that was now going to be really dramatic) but hey, I could care any less. It was my world– and I thought about confessing my long bottled up feelings from that height, and then perhaps if this world would permit me to hear his words.

I could care the flying monkey’s if it would be a rejection. I would take that chance and jump– BUT life isn’t anime. We aren’t in a world where we can live again if we fell off a chopper. Although, it is inviting if I could only fly towards where he was from the very start. I would have never been in this predicament.

Yes, it isn’t just a single vessel that I’m thinking about. There are many possible modes of transportation, and yet one thing would always matter at the end. There would no place I would rather be right now but with this person ONLY.

should I place his name?

would it matter?

yes. I would rather be with Saturn— around the rings that made everything possible.

A dream. Not that it would make any sense to all of you here.

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