The Author in me: Finding Motivation

So! We are now officially on our second Month of the year 2016.

It has only begun, and here I am wishing for a miracle of motivation.

Honestly, I know that there are a lot of things to do, but sometimes– people like me and you (yes, those who create, think, dream and aspire for art in every way) experience moments that we all call as ROCK BOTTOM.  Where everything seems meaningless despite it’s benefits to the society or to yourself.  Hitting it hard and being unable to move (okay, maybe not move) but finish anything at all.

which leads me to think more ways to motivate myself.

I’ve decide to make the Lucky #5 Pledge!

Well, if you’re favorite number in the #5– then this might be just for you!

What does it mean?

The Lucky #5  Pledge is about doing something very special on the fifth day of every month. It’s like a dedication of a promise of what you want to do. Short term goals that will keep you going.

and so, as an author. I want to do this Pledge as a way to make sure I do what I am supposed to finish.

if you’re interested to know more about this pledge then simply click on the bold link to know more about it!


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