365 writing challenge day 12

12. Greeting: Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello”. Hello– silence said quietly. I spoke to him secretly, When suddenly the wind screamed Everyone I held dear trembles in fear, The wind howled screams, Everyone I held dear trembles in fear, Rustling sounds, deafening noise My throat felt dry, nothing to quenchContinue reading “365 writing challenge day 12”

365 writing challenge day 11

Disclaimer: artwork belongs to Heather Parsley. Gpicks does not claim the rights and has used this purely for reference only. 11. Dragon: Envision a dragon. Do you battle him? Or is the dragon friendly? Use descriptive language. The second week of February began oddly. It wasn’t because things started to haunt from one thing upContinue reading “365 writing challenge day 11”