The Writing and Artistic Cross Roads

Which way to go?

2015 was indeed a year of reflection.

On the latter part of the year, I found light and understanding on what I can actually do, more than I could ever imagine before.

It is true that I’ve been here and there just to move forward, and keep on moving. I decided to let go of many things and realized, as much as I wanted to leave everything behind… Another memory from the past came back, and my feelings came into a light.

Now that I know what I want, where I want to be, guess there is no way for me to turn back to where everything used to be. It was really hard, but I managed somehow.

But, what lies from here on forwards will be more than just challenges that I’ve faced and ignored all along, and just like Sansa Stark ( from *Game Of Thrones) which I would like to quote.

“Because the Truth is either Terrible or Boring”

and now, there is no running away from the truth. I have to face it with my head held up high and with everything that I’ve got.

living a life as a writer alone cannot give you a life unless you are dead or you have practice just enough to be able to convey your words.

I’m no where near any of these… I still need to strive hard to work my way around.

battling myself and as well as well as striving hard to make sure I get results that I can be able to make me improve further.

Time is always cruel. No matter what age or era we live in.

so I guess, this senseless rambling at the moment.

I hope it helps.

To those who suffer from depression, uncertainty of life, let’s keep moving forward and find our ways to be better.

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep you all posted.


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