Game Review: Machinarium -GamePlay

Game Review: Machinarium -GamePlay

As promised. Here is one of my year ender post for game play review, and some insights.
Note: I apologize for not including screenshots, please allow the official trailer from Amanita Games to compensate instead.

Game Plot: O’kay! So to make the long story short– basically the game itself is about a robot that was separated by a gang of bullies from the love/friend of his life after a take over from robots metropolis. The protagonist robot is on a mission to save robometropolis from the evil-doers and his love/friend by overcoming each stage to enter back to the city.

GamePlay: it’s basically a puzzle click and play interactive game that was devised by amanita game.
I would actually give the whole entire game a whooping five stars rate. The level of difficulties, art style and how it was skillfully made was simple, memorable and amazing. I loved gameplay sound effects which influence the game greatly that was sure to fit on every stage of the simple story.

If you’re looking for a great puzzle click and play adventure game, don’t miss out on purchasing to support #AmanitaDesigns

Although I wasn’t able to finish the whole game on my own, a few good help from my best friend made the whole game a worthwhile experience to finish.

On memorable game stage scenes:
I think most of you would enjoy the part where the band plays and some of the mini games prepared. Overall, each stage was a great play.

If you’re having a hard time, there are walkthroughs on YouTube and if you need more details about the company and their games. Here’s a direct link:

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