Philippine Elections 2016: Musings of disappointment

Disclaimer: Every opinion stated are all personal insights and hopes of the blogger. No offense intended to all who has given much effort for the betterment of thee country.
An open letter to the Gov. Officials of the Philippines:

Dear Leaders,

I will make this a simple message to all of you. It does not matter to me as of this moment which party you are from, what your troubles as of the moment ( meaning personal) however, I would like to voice out my thoughts in hopes that this will reach you.

I am not the first. Many had already struggled to try and reach you diplomatically, and I do so hope they were able to.

My concerns maybe farfetched to all of you, and yet, I pray it reaches you.

Here are as follows:

1. Campaign elections:

its always the same thing. Annoyingly the same, throughout the years all of you would use (if not gov. Funding, sponsorships, and etc.) To support your campaign. Honestly, many would rather see you flaunt your current endeavors of passing bills, fixing sewage pipes ( by being there and making sure that all is properly done. NOT ACTING AS IF YOU WORK with then only to look disgusted on candid photos).
Please WORK and stop making promises. Move now, make things better NOW.

I can’t fathom the disgust I see. Leaders, from which schools did you all come from? (Does it matter now?)

Well, it seems that all these feud and bickering on who’s better has left me the impression that what matters more is not the image and roles you stand as a leader.

We are in the same country and we should aim for the best!
In Tagalog: wala na ata ako nakita na kandidato na natuto magpakumbaba. Kung meron man, nagmumukhang nagpapaka awa at akala mp bimubully na wag tumakbo.

A reminder:  there are too many issues at hand. Please attend to these before you bicker on mass media or in front of the country.

1 unsolved murder cases
2 corruption of donations
3. Manila traffic
4. Floods
5. Crime
…. And the list just go on and on. I am frankly surprised at how much time you can invest defending your titles, honor and whatnot instead of working hard to make things better.


Note: I will be posting photos of unfinished works and issues in the future. Things that can or could be solved right away.

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