Musings of a struggling author

Most people think that when you write a story and get published things go on like magic.
Honestly, it doesn’t really matter as much as how many prints, labels or whatnot you achieve because at the end of the day, it will always boil down to these top three ingredients to make it in the writing industry.

1. The story you write, does it move hearts, inspire or make people question their own ideas about life, art, fiction and — or opinion?

2. How well were you able to pay attention to the details of your writing to deliver the story you wish to convey?

3. Are you able to sell without degrading your quality of work?

Realizing these facts will help you grow not just as an author but as a writer of every bit of literary you participate or have chosen to focus on.

(As for me, i’m writing this on my mobile app on WordPress. Convenient and yet, I still wish I could do more than rave or ramble through my words.)

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