Facebook updates: The Philippine Internet struggle

Okay– just to be clear.
Everything you will be reading are all personal opinions alone. If there are any hiccups please feel free to share ideas, opinions and reactions. No bitch slapping people.


The application updates recently on Facebook has made it extremely hard to view messages. It is either you log on to the android browser or it will require you to download a messenger.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind one bit if this update was plausible through the Philippines internet service network. We pay a good sum of money and what do we get?

A crappy service and a hundred to one reasons that the networks are congested. Only to fins out that when needed by the government these companies can allow high speed internet provisions.

Throughout the years, I as an active user of the social media network of this particular site has always enjoyed the perks, and even before my use of android phones. However, recently these updates had made it impossible to use especially through means of communications.

I now begin to wonder, will Facebook really be able to achieve their goals as a formidable network throughout the world wide web that bridges the people throughout the world in both business and personal use or will they go down like friendster?

Then again, It’s my words against their system.

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