The NanoWrimo Challenge!


The first week of December has already come to a close. Its the start of a new week, and the journey through December 2016 has now begun.

I still haven’t decided to what I want to really do for this Month (except for the upcoming #JustWritePh mini Christmas Party) and honestly, this personal post means a whole lot than updates from the challenge.

Probably because a couple of months ago, I’ve never imagined I’ll be here typing in this biggest achievement post of the year to share with all of you.

I’ve been through hell all my life (still am actually) but, I never really thought I’d sink into a deeper kind of darkness that made me feel that I was never going to live again (just last february of this year) and if it wasn’t for this fortunate change of wind, I would have never find myself here with all of you.

Writing has changed my life drastically. I know that more than ever now, and to be frank to all of you. I’ve always written privately to myself (my stories, musings and everything under the sun. Never sharing it to anyone) and now Ironic as it may be, here I am  writing stories and sharing my goals to the world with all of you.

Participating in Nanowrimo made me realize the challenge was meant to help me overcome my past and strengthen the relationships that I cherish now and even though my heart was slowly feeling the words of discouragement my good friends supported me along the way. Both new and old, and it was the most amazing experience ever.

So, I’m thinking of sharing this to all of you and a little tip to those who want to write for the better. I encourage you all to join the Nanowrimo challenge and I guarantee you the biggest leap of change you’ll ever experience.



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