Game Review: Machinarium -GamePlay

As promised. Here is one of my year ender post for game play review, and some insights. Note: I apologize for not including screenshots, please allow the official trailer from Amanita Games to compensate instead. Game Plot: O’kay! So to make the long story short– basically the game itself is about a robot that wasContinue reading “Game Review: Machinarium -GamePlay”

Philippine Elections 2016: Musings of disappointment

Disclaimer: Every opinion stated are all personal insights and hopes of the blogger. No offense intended to all who has given much effort for the betterment of thee country. _ An open letter to the Gov. Officials of the Philippines: Dear Leaders, I will make this a simple message to all of you. It doesContinue reading “Philippine Elections 2016: Musings of disappointment”

Amazing book versions of Alice in Wonderland

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day Two – Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – Reposting because I already daw this book cover before, often times I attempted to buy one but (unfortunately) never really got the chance. Regardless for the pink and fabulous book lovers out there. You might want to check it out!