Velvet Valentine: Mirrored Hearts

Velvet Valentine: Mirrored Hearts

♠Velvet Valentine: Mirrored Hearts♥

Elizabeth Mariana Hernandez Cruz is a freshmen in St. Agnes Integrated School has only one agenda; to live the life she always dreamed about in school. She grew up from a small town and studied in a small sectional school until now. As soon as stepping into high school, she vowed that things will finally change. As young, careless and naive Elizabeth struggles her way through her freshmen year and that changed until the day she meets Isaac D. Rodriguez, a third year senior who always dropped by in her classroom. Little did she know that this boy would be the catalyst of change. After long years of house arrest, watch her adventure to discover life in a different light as she experience friendship, love and reality.

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It has been approximately a month and a half has already passed. October is almost coming to a close. I still can’t believe it– the fact that I’m now an Author.  

God is Good” I thought to myself.

     A few months back, I would have never thought I would be anything but a broken piece of trash (I know– hahaha it sounds so off coming from me now. Does it?) Well, I guess that is to be expected, when you run down a mile of heart breaks on valentines day.

All I can say is that– this novel series definitely gave me a whole lot of things to think about, and perhaps not hope but, dream about. So, I would like to ramble a  bit about the one person who has helped me find my dreams and to everyone who has helped me grow.

 The Man responsible for my progress is my good friend, none other than— Mr. Mark Thomas Manalang of #UnlimitedGrubGrabs for all of his dedication, hard work and inspiring stories that he has shared.

My Beta Readers Kimy Sanchez of #Kimi’s Artspace and to my friends Yhen Cay and Girlie Mangahas. THANK YOU!

     I know that I still have a long way to go but amidst all the busy writing, musings and plannings. I will always look forward to tomorrow from now on.

Please continue supporting our Books from #JustWritePH and also Mr. Mark Manalang’s Novel: The Seven Day Detective that you can purchase: #JustWritePH – For Justice

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