Gaming Morality A Student Documentary Feature

Are you looking for a video documentary about Gaming Morality?

If yes, then you’re just in luck. Read through the entry & hope it helps you along the way.

    I’ve got this awesome documentary made by a group of college professionals featuring the pressing issues of gaming morality and the effects that it causes for the gamer in the industry here in the Philippines.

A year ago, a favor was asked by my college friend, he told me about the topic that they had in mind and the documentary film that they would work on for some time and how they were in need to finish the project as soon as possible. Upon hearing this request it was understandable and with we decided to immediately we arranged a meeting.

I called out a few of my circle of friends & acquaintance to begin the shoot.

I waited for a couple of months before asking about their progress and when I heard about the work up and posted.

I immediately looked it up via YouTube channel and saw their finished piece.

It took them a whole, but the long grueling process was definitely worth it. I’ve been planning to post this video for some time now, but was never able to finish anything due to the series of unfortunate events that had taken place in my life. However, it is now my honor and pleasure to share this here on my third blog post for the Month of August.

Credits to the following people for the video :

Aris Cuevas, Pooya Soleymani, Ernst Purisima




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