Finding Peace through the Art of Writing

By: Magsi Rover
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Why, Hello there!

I take it that this must be your first time visiting my blog. If not then, welcome back to my small space over the World Wide Web.
Today’s title is about Finding Peace through the Art of Writing.
I’m not really sure myself, how I could best possibly start this entry. Given the fact that my writing style is more informal than most bloggers over the web, and I do know that I’m not the only one that writes this way. Yet, it’s a little bit hard to follow through if you’re in this kind of writing style. Since, it sounds like I’m more personally speaking to you, my reader than actually stating the obvious facts of my title itself.
So, I will try and do my best to keep it steady and consistent as much as I can. Therefore, I would like to ask you a question on hand; In order for me to begin this little piece of mine.
“When you were a kid, did you always have that idea of who you wanted to become when you grow up?”
I think this is actually the most over-rated question that we would have always encountered during our pre-school years. If not in school, even when we are in family re-unions or simply meeting new people as we grew older.
My take on this, is that. I think, because we were asked every so often about this question. There were a lot of times that perhaps within ourselves contemplated on what we really wanted.
I guess, this caused chaos and as well as one of the primary reasons for our self destructive nature, back in our puberty years.
I know this for a fact because I remember growing up and getting all frustrated of what to answer whenever faced to ask this question each time.
It took me years to realize, what exactly I wanted to do in life.
While most are blessed to find their answers to the people they look up to, professionally and as well as, relatives that influenced them greatly in their lives as they grew up.
I wasn’t that fortunate. I think it was because there was so much going on at those moments as I grew up. It didn’t really help me understand the path I wanted to take. I was always curious and genuinely naïve. I looked up to many people and wanted to be in so many places all at the same time.
I guess, you could say. I’m the type that ended up being the Jack of almost all traits and a Master of None. I was hopping from one hobby up to another, looking up from one profession to the next.
I couldn’t decide.
I realized that the only thing that was always consistent in my daily routine was. Writing and Drawing.
I never failed to not hold a pen and paper in my whole life. On most days that I feel trapped, I’ve written a couple hundred stories that were inside my head, and the things I could not voice out through my writing. I end up drawing.
I sing and write my heart out in my own terms. There were times that I even felt like, my words were more of my sanctuary rather than the places I go and the people I spent most of my time with.
I’ve worked a couple of odd jobs as I took years off from college, mainly because of the financial instability of support that I had, when it came to my academics.
Yet, even so. I never stopped writing at all. I always fell in love with blank journals, recycled paper that were meant for scraps books and I’d end up writing my thoughts and plans that I wanted to do in Life.
It wasn’t until yesterday of the 30th of July 2015 that I realized what I truly wanted to do.
As I ended up dozing off from training at work for 24 solid minutes by mistake, in my futile attempt to be consistently early that I drove myself to the edge of exhaustion. I did what I could to keep myself intact as I struggled to learned through the countless process of the work that my Job description required me to do while failing miserably and ending up on light snoozes as I listened to the soft monotonous instructions of a series of exercises for us to be able to certify our Job position in the company.
And realized that, after a short brief opportunity in a workshop for writers that I signed up for a week ago that things dawned on me and  it was exactly around 7 o’clock in the evening that in the moment of doubt.
A moment of enlightenment as to why I felt unattached with the work I was about to pursue.
I contemplated before I decided to walk out of the training room, and buy myself a small piece of KitKat chocolate bar and YAKULT as I included a short piece of bond paper for my written resignation on that same day.
As I looked up for a proper format deemed fit for my intentions, I noticed myself to feel a lot more relaxed with my words rather than before. I felt happier and sure of what I was about to do, as I finished my last remaining sentences while placing that final signature of legitimacy of my resignation.
I walked my way back to the office and halted for a moment, as I took a scenic view of the City Building lights across the Pasig River. Standing at the hill side slope, I felt myself amused, as a memory of last year flashed back into my mind.
I found myself remembering about how I used to watch this place, across the office building veranda of my previous company.
I saw myself from that perspective and realized how different my thought process is now compared from last year, as well as the biggest change that ever happened in my late twenties.
In this piece of thought, I could definitely guarantee one thing.
I’ve found my peace in the Art of Writing.
Realizing that, I only wanted all the best to be a part of a world that contributes to the growth of the people that are, like me, in love with words and find sanctuary in living their life to read and write.
I hope you enjoyed what you’ve been reading so far. If you have insights, stories of similar experiences to share.
Don’t be shy and hit me up a message or a comment through my post.
Once again, this is Magsi Rover and I am truly THANKFUL that you’ve taken time to read what I had to write.

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