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Hello Everyone!

As promised here is my first entry for July 2015. It’s a quick update about what I have been up-to all these time. I have already chosen the some-what perfect lay-out for this blog and I am really excited to announce almost everything.


Since there are still much needed work to do, I have to stop myself from doing so—here goes!

I’ve just recently finished my Letter-Story and has officially published it over Wattpad.com

(If in case you guys are wondering what the website is all about. You can just simply click directly through the link that I have provided so that you can check it out.)

A Brief summery about the website is that it is actually a place for young and professional writers that allow them to publish their online books. So! If you are definitely looking for a place to get your story out in the open check out this site and you will definitely find yourself having a blast sharing your work.

Back to the main topic!

As I’ve already mentioned. I had just recently publish my letter-type story entitled 3 Letters to Saturn and it is already available to be read on Wattpad.com

It was just published last 3 July 2015.

Currently with 24 votes and 201 reads over the site; I am pleased to share this little achievement. It is enough for me to be motivated in pursuing further in my writing. I have a long way to go and I would just like to specifically thank everyone in my life that has definitely helped me all throughout. If you guys have the time, please do check my works.

In the mean time, this is all for now.

If you are curious about what the story is all about.

Here is a brief synopsis that I have just provided especially for all of you.


3 Letters to Saturn is a Romantic apology told through emails that were never sent to Saturn. Jess and Saturn were High School sweethearts when Saturn leaves for Canada Jess knew one thing. It was over. They tried to stay in touch with each other, but after trying to be strong to stand for a Long Distance Relationship. Jess finally caves in and ends the relationship over the phone line. It has been 10 years ever since the last time they have met and Jess couldn’t help but finally declare her long overdue letters to Saturn.

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Magsi Rover is the odd-ball who aspires to write, sketch and travel the world.

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